Mission Statement
The MORE Center advances science and innovation with  facilities enabling  the fabrication and characterization of materials and de­vices for solar energy and emerging electronic  and optoelectronic technologies.

The MORE center is a model for student-oriented shared facilities, where student and faculty interactions stimulate new research and education.  Optoelectronic materials and device research is fundamentally interdisciplinary; users of the MORE center include research groups from across Case Western Reserve University’s science and engineering community.

The More Center provides industrial, government and academic partners with both direct and service based access to specialized equipment, and faculty and staff expertise, to promote and support research and development.

The MORE Center trains students for the technical workforce in the latest  techniques for fabricating and characterizing cutting­ edge optoelectronic materials and structures.

Case Western Reserve University Institute of Advanced Materials

Great Lakes Energy Institute at Case Western  Reserve University

Case Western Reserve University College of Arts and Sciences

Case School of Engineering

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